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Enhancing behaviour support after traumatic brain injury in the New South Wales community


icare lifetime care...

icare lifetime care, is the government organisation responsible for funding treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care services for people severely injured in motor accidents in New South Wales. Between 2014 - 2017 I led an Appreciative Inquiry project for lifetime care to identify and enhance excellent practice in behaviour support after traumatic brain injury. The project included a wide consultation process interviewing service providers and recipients in both hospital and community based settings across the state. There was also extensive consultation and support with an expert steering group consisting of colleagues in attendant care, medicine, research, clinical practice and education.


Appreciative Inquiry...


Appreciative inquiry (AI) is a collaborative approach to identify and understand a system's strengths, its greatest opportunities and also its people's aspirations and hopes for the future. It is an approach to behaviour change that has been found to be helpful in multiple organisations and service systems throughout the world. AI does not approach problem solving with a focus on what is not working. Instead its focus is on appreciating what is working and why it is working.

The AI summit day and recommendations...

In August 2014 stakeholders from across the state attended a whole day Summit meeting in Sydney. The purpose of the meeting was to outline future goals and designs to help lifetime care build capacity for community behaviour support. A subsequent report detailing five key themes and recommendations was completed at the end of 2014. A further Stage 2 report advancing these recommendations was completed in April 2017. 


icare released it's template for positive behaviour support practitioners based on this work in June 2019.

For copies of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports please email Jacqueline Scott at icare lifetime care on